Synergy3 Wellness Program


Spring Cleanse 2017 starts May 1

This is an amazing program that I put together with my good friends Stacy Hendrie and Daryl Moss.  We all graduated IIN as health coaches and we joined forces and talent to bring health and wellness to as many people as possible. 

We chose the word Synergy because we combined our very different personalities, and expertise into a program that would change people’s lives for the better. The experience has been life changing for our clients and for us as individuals.

Our mission is to change lives and we want people to live the life they deserve.  This can’t happen if one is always battling a chronic symptom.  This will impact our mind, body and spirit!  The Synergy3 team knows for a fact that changing diet and lifestyle is the answer to vibrant health.

This is a seasonal program and we emphasize incorporating foods that are in season.  This will provide the most nutrition and health benefits. Clean eating is the premise of what we do and organic produce purchased in their peak season, will be less costly. 

I love this program and I know it works!  I enjoy posting daily in our private Facebook group and staying engaged with all our participants.  At the end of the 3 week period it is no longer just a program but the transformational experience of a group of people that are now our friends. 

I want to share a testimonial from a repeat “cleanser”

Just wanted to share some information on my most recent cleanse with Synergy3. This was my third time cleansing. Wasn’t going to do it because I was thinking it wouldn’t have much effect. But some friends joined who saw my previous results and my eating got a little out of control so I opted in. Round 3 was just as beneficial to me as rounds 1 and 2. I discover something new about myself each time. Over time, in all, I have lost 10 pounds (over probably a year), my skin has vastly improved, I am no longer bloated, I’ve identified some food sensitivities, my digestion and belly issues are gone, I am more self aware of what I am putting into my body, I cook more, eat less and feel more alert. Everyone should do this cleanse if for no other reason than to educate themselves on the food they eat and the chemicals that are in everything around us! Can’t recommend this enough!!! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  ~Heather T., Fall 2015.

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