Eat Seasonal and Local

It's that time of year again and the farmer's markets are open and buzzing!  Maybe you have your own garden and that is a high five for you but if you don't, there are so many markets, farms and farm stands to take advantage of in your area.  This is a great way to get nutritious and delicious food on your family table.    Have the experience and make it a family event.  Get to know the farmers and enjoy the array of seasonal foods, colors, flavors and all.  It is invigorating to the soul!  You will come home excited to prepare delicious meals with the fresh foods you buy.


My passion is good food and there are reasons why I promote eating with the seasons and when you can, purchasing local food.  These are my top 5 reasons to buy seasonal and local:


1. Nutrient Content - Food is information for our body and we need to get max nutrient form what we eat...foods eaten in season are going to have exactly that and eating locally will provide you with concentrated nutrition too.  Know this, if a food has to travel half way across the world to get to you, it is going to lose a lot of its value in transport.  We will get the most nutrition when we pick the food form its source and eat it within a short time.  This is an important fact to understand!


2. Flavor - I love to encourage my clients to make their tastebuds happy and seasonal food has mouth watering flavor.  I prefer to wait to enjoy my produce at its appropriate harvest time for this reason.  It gives me something to look forward to and just makes life more exciting.  A New York example...eating an apple in season as opposed to out of season.  No comparison! 


3. Price - Food purchased in season is cheaper, simple as that! One can enjoy organic strawberries at $2.99 a box as opposed to $8.99 per box! 


4. Organic - Organic food is cheaper in season and my strawberry example above, tells it all.  Also, as far as locally grown food, there is possibly less of a need for pesticides, herbicides, etc.  Get to know your local farmers, they will tell you the ins and outs of their farming procedures. Many small farmers can not afford getting an organic certification.  They are passionate about what they do and are looking to bring us the best product possible.


5. Support our communities - There is value in community and supporting our local farmers is a great way to invest in small business.  It allows us to connect with nature. We desperately need this outlet today.  We are so consumed with internet surfing and text messaging that we forget that there is an entire outside world that we should be enjoying.  Connecting with nature keeps us grounded and is actually healing for our mind, body and spirit.  We were designed to spend time outdoors.  Heading out once a week to speak to the people that are actually growing our food is a fun way to do this.  The best part is making a delicious meal with the foods you buy!  Its a win-win situation. 


Take my advice and fall in love with seasonal and local.  Look up farmers markets near you by using the following link: LOCAL FARMERS MARKETS





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