Healthy Water Habit - Day 6


Time flies when you are having fun!  I can't believe it is Day 6 already.  I don't know about you but this challenge has most definitely given me awareness and I am drinking 1/2 my body weight in ounces of water.  I have more energy, my skin looks better and I am sipping my water throughout the day.  Did you know that consuming too much water all at once is not a good idea.  In certain situations it could actually be harmful but I am here to give you the information and get you to your optimal water goal, safe and sound.


Fortunately, the cases of what is called water intoxication are rare but it is always a good idea to be informed.  Over hydration can cause electrolytes in our body, such as salt, to become imbalanced and essentially too diluted.  This is a serious condition called Hyponatremia.  


This condition is common in endurance athletes that drink a lot of water before and after exercise. There are also underlying health conditions that one would need to be concerned about, so always contact your doctor. A rule of thumb for all of us is not to consume more than 33 ounces of fluids per hour.  This can put undue stress on the body.  We need to give our kidneys the opportunity to expel the excess.  Too much of a good thing is not necessarily health promotive.  


My rule of thumb is to look at the color of your urine; clear urine could be a sign that you are over hydrating, so take it back a notch.  Remember we are looking for what works for each of us as individuals.  We are all biochemically different.  Take a look at your diet, do you consume a lot of hydrating foods such as fruits and vegetables?  Learn about the 15 most hydrating foods  and know that you can also eat a percentage of your water intake! 


Let's close today with a mixed berry infused recipe!  Organic strawberries are appearing on the shelf from Florida, our nearest producer of local foods and this is a good time to add this vitamin C rich food.  I like to pair it with raspberries and blueberries, for a very colorful drink. Berries for this recipe can be frozen and remember to always buy organic!


Mamma Lucy's Berry Infused Water

1 liter of water

2 slices of lime

3 strawberries sliced

10 raspberries

10 blueberries

2 slivers of ginger

2 sprigs of mint


Lifting up my glass to a vibrant day for you! 


Water refreshes and replenishes me. Water helps me maintain my good health and vibrant skin. I love water. I love drinking water. I drink enough water each day. 



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